The full-mouth mock-up: a dynamic diagnostic approach(DDA) to test function and esthetics in complex rehabilitations with increased vertical dimension of occlusion

Fabbri G., Cannistraro G., Pulcini C., Sorrentino R.

The mock-up is a diagnostic technique allowing for the intraoral try-in of a prosthetic project. The communication with patients can be significantly improved showing the potential final outcome of the treatment, making an easy and quick comparison of the pre- and post-operative conditions. Moreover, the mock-up permits the clinicians to check the functional aspects of the therapy The purpose of the present article was to describe the use of the full-mouth mock-up technique for testing all the functional and esthetical parameters in case of extensive rehabilitations associated with a VDO increase with completely additive wax-ups. The proposed clinical procedures describe an easy and reversible technique to manage complex prosthetic cases with a more conservative and operator-friendly approach in comparison with conventional prosthetic therapies, reducing time and costs. All the clinical and technical phases of this approach were described step by step.